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Struggling to brew good coffee? Morning routine causing more stress than peace?Try Hooked! Hooked Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee Pouches turn hectic morning routines into grounding daily rituals.Join us in launching the brewing revolution. You'll be Hooked!

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Equipment-Free Brewing in 90 Seconds.

A traditional pour over takes 5 minutes, while drip coffee and espresso require machines.Hooked Coffee requires no grinding, weighing, nor any specialized equipment. All you need is hot water and 90 seconds of your time.

Partnerships with Award-Winning Roasters.

Hooked Coffee partners with award-winning, mission-driven roasters to bring you quality that goes beyond taste - quality you can trust and feel good drinking.
We're picky, so you know you're only getting the best.

Craft Coffee in 3 Simple Steps




Advanced Nitro-Sealing for Peak Freshness

Ground coffee typically goes stale in less than 7 days. Ours lasts for 365 days.
To ensure we bring you the best cup possible, we use nitrogen-flushing technology (think chip bags!) to seal our pouches for peak freshness.

Over 1000 people have tried our Pour Over Pouches with glowing reviews!

"There are two things that I love about pour over pouches. 1) I love coffee 2) I love the convenience of drinking coffee!"

"I easily brewed with hot water on my patio, loving the end result. Smooth and delicious. Can't wait to try these when I'm on the road next!"

"The pouches have been a lifesaver as they are super easy to use anywhere and anytime, and tastes like freshly made coffee."

Partnered with

and more.

Hooked Coffee empowers people to brew coffee to its true potential.

So many of us start our days with a cup of coffee, but aren’t sure how to pick the best beans or brew the best cup from them.In 2021, Natalie and Melody came across coffee pouches during their travels through Asia. They instantly fell in love with the clever design and how simple it made it to brew a fresh cup. That was the lightbulb moment - the pouches are the perfect vehicle for bringing craft brewing into people’s hands.As coffee aficionados, we strive to fill these pouches with specialty coffee from top roasters in the country. We want to inspire a love for coffee that goes far beyond the drink itself — a love for the care, craft, and story behind each cup. Hooked Coffee is your start on that journey.

We're Launching Soon

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